5 Important Reasons To Be A Client Of Siegel & Siegel

1. We are three generations of attorneys. It is in our DNA to help people injured by the negligence of others. Sy Siegel and Gerry Siegel started our law firm. David Siegel has joined the firm to continue the work ahead of us. We have been practicing law from our Plainsboro office since 1981. That’s proof of our strength and longevity in the community helping people like you.

2. We “know the ropes.”  Gerald Siegel has been practicing law since 1978.  He is Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Lawyer, a credential held by less than 2% of the state’s attorneys. He has represented the injured in many of the counties of this state. He is very experienced at developing cases and, if they don’t settle, trying them before juries.  David Siegel is an energetic, young attorney who already has trial experience and has made many appearances representing clients in Superior Court and in the states various Municipal Courts.

3. Gerry Siegel used to work for the “other side” and uses that experience to protect you.  When Gerry first became a lawyer, he defended cases for insurance companies and tried their cases. Now he represents accident victims, like you or your loved one.  He knows how insurance company claims personnel and defense attorneys’ think and how they challenge the cases of legitimate accident victims.  As a result of his experience, he can anticipate how the defense will try to attack your case and prevent it from occurring or limit its impact.

4. We prepare each case as if we will take it to trial. From the day we meet you and hear about your accident, we begin thinking about what evidence we will need to prove your case if we go to trial. When we represent you, the insurance company knows we are committed to your case and that we will take it to trial, if necessary. This usually makes the insurance companies want to settle.  In fact, about 95% of all civil cases settle before a jury decides them. We will use our seasoned, persuasive negotiating skills to try to obtain the maximum settlement possible for you. If the case does not settle, it will be ready to go to trial and you can rely upon our extensive courtroom experience to fight for the best possible jury award.

5. Big Firm Strength, Small Firm Attention.  Almost 100% of the matters we handle are devoted to litigation.  We start developing your case and give you a case analysis and strategy in our first meeting. We also have extensive resources at our disposal to support your case. We work with the best investigators, photographers, accident reconstruction experts, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, as needed, economists, vocational consultants, and medical doctors in all fields, such as orthopedics, neurology, neuropsychology, psychology, internal medicine, physiatry, chiropractic and many more.   While we work tirelessly for you, we still take the time to explain the developments and legal issues involved in your case in a clear and understandable way. We try not to speak “legalese’ when we talk with you about your case. You are welcome to come to our office for an in person meeting whenever you want.

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